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She woke in the middle of the night and turned to him for warmth if nothing else. He stirred, and pulled her close. “Huh, he must be sleeping pretty deeply to do that,” she thought. No matter, she’d take it. Wasn’t too often she got that in the night now, or anytime for that matter; with kids and work and stress she was lucky if she got a kiss in the morning and a quick fuck once a week on Saturday morning IF the kids had soccer practice. And lately he’d just seemed disinterested altogether.

She snuggled as close as she dared; not wanting to wake him and spoil this unexpected pleasure. She moved slowly, almost stealthily. He did sleep so deeply. Lately he’d been so tired it took two screaming kids, the freight train alarm clock, threats, and bribery to get him out of bed in the mornings. Wonder if she tried something different, just how far could she go? Could she actually get him to sleep-fuck her? Well hell, why not try it? Continue reading


Rêves de Désir

I dream of you again
I wake in a sweat just short of release
The scent of lust fills my senses

I stumble through darkened rooms
Searching for nothing I will find
My mind a blank yet filled with desire

To touch what I have never felt
To feel what I have never known
To know what I can only imagine

As she slid the keycard into the hotel room door, she immediately began to strip: first the heels – required for business attire – followed by the jacket. Having a conference in a tropical resort setting was wonderful but you’d think the dress could be a bit more casual than normal. Stepping out of her skirt and unbuttoning her blouse she walked over to look out the sliding glass doors and immediately felt better. The blue of the sky meeting the just-barely-darker blue of the ocean took her breath away. Quickly shedding the rest of her clothes, she donned her bikini and grabbed a towel before heading out the doors to the private balcony. One more thing… Continue reading


Suggestion, a powerful beast
Parting words before sleep
Imagery from descriptions
His words spin together
Fleeting, invading her dreams
Painting pictures of passion
Like flashes from a camera
Moon’s silverlust coats his body
Reflecting desire in his eyes