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Suggestion, a powerful beast
Parting words before sleep
Imagery from descriptions
His words spin together
Fleeting, invading her dreams
Painting pictures of passion
Like flashes from a camera
Moon’s silverlust coats his body
Reflecting desire in his eyes


The Office Visit

I arrived at his office just as the rest of the staff streamed from the front doors in a mass exodus. Well, it was Friday night after all. He was expecting me to give him a lift since his car was being repaired, but he wasn’t expecting to get *that* kind of lift… 

As the last person came through the doors I slipped in and made my way up the stairs, noticing how quiet and deserted it was throughout the building, my mindwheels spinning with an idea I’d had for a while. His office door was ajar, and I could see him sitting at his desk absorbed in some boring technical document. Yuck. I was hoping he was ready for something a little more, um – interactive. View full article »

His White Shirt

The only thing sexier than a man’s clean white shirt is one he was wearing while getting teased by his woman, his scent all over it.

Then after she’s stripped the sweaty white shirt from his body and teases him just to the point of release, she puts his shirt on and starts stroking her hot body, giving him peeks of her naked flesh, bending over showing him her ass, rubbing her nipples with the soft cloth that’s been against his body, cupping her breasts, then raising the bottom just a bit, showing him her pussy, wet with her dew.

She loves teasing him with just enough of the view to get him hard as a rock, then pushes him to the bed and climbs on top, pinning him down, taking her pleasure with her own hands then his.  She begins rubbing her clit roughly with the tip of his cock, the shirt clinging to her sweat-soaked body, nipples poking against the cloth.  Hard and needy she rubs them with his hands, and throwing back her head she bucks with the delicious anticipation of fucking him. View full article »

As you walk up to the counter, you notice how busy the library is during the fall semester. You see me near one of the sorting carts and approach, a sly look on your face. “Excuse me, could you point me in the right direction…I’m looking for reference materials on SOA systems as applied to the automotive industry,” you say somewhat loudly for all to hear, before leaning in to whisper in my ear, “I haven’t stopped thinking about you since you left this morning…” I look at my watch and tell you that it’s almost my lunchtime and more loudly that, “I’d be happy to show you, sir.”

“I’m in a bit of a rush for an article I’m writing, but certainly wouldn’t want to impose on your time.”

“I could take you to that collection area now, as a matter of fact,” I respond with a wink and a smile, the tip of my tongue barely between my teeth. “Those materials are currently on closed reserve status.” View full article »


I do it for me, every day.  I start my day with a nice hot bubble bath.  I detest showers (may be a Psycho thing), unless someone fun is with me.  So I had just settled in and leaned back to just soak for a few minutes . . .

You tap softly on the door.  “Shhh. Don’t make a sound. We don’t have much time, because you have to get to work.”  You strip off your shirt, and reach for the soap and a bath cloth.  And you proceed to bathe me as if I were a precious object, handling me very gently.  When you finish and rinse the soap off my tingling body, you start to stroke and pet me. View full article »

I dream of pleasuring you. For hours. Tantalizing you with my hands and mouth. Massaging you with warm oils after a tiring day at work.  Slowly becoming accustomed to your body and to what you respond most. I crave touching you, feeling your skin. Exploring your body and getting to know it. Touching every inch of you, kissing and stroking …

I continue to touch and caress you slowly. This is for you alone, giving you the attention you deserve and, I suspect, have been denied for a while. No, I won’t bind your wrists  with the silken ropes I’ve brought to your bed because I want your hands free, but I will tie you if necessary to get what I want.

Looking deeply into the depths of your eyes, I feel your breathing slow. Good, that’s just right. This is going to be very intense for you. And for me as well. I coax you to fall deep into my eyes, almost hypnotizing you with my desire. Go with me now toward pleasure, darlin’. View full article »