As she slid the keycard into the hotel room door, she immediately began to strip: first the heels – required for business attire – followed by the jacket. Having a conference in a tropical resort setting was wonderful but you’d think the dress could be a bit more casual than normal. Stepping out of her skirt and unbuttoning her blouse she walked over to look out the sliding glass doors and immediately felt better. The blue of the sky meeting the just-barely-darker blue of the ocean took her breath away. Quickly shedding the rest of her clothes, she donned her bikini and grabbed a towel before heading out the doors to the private balcony. One more thing…she turned to the small refrigerator tucked into the corner. Opening it, she smiled. A pitcher of her favorite white sangria awaited her, with a note propped next to it:

 “Cariña, relax and enjoy yourself after your meetings. I’m out sightseeing to give you some time to rest. Meet me at La Fogata for drinks at 6pm. Besitos ricos.”

Sweet. She’d never known another man quite like him, so thoughtful and attentive. And so unpretentiously sexy. He had no idea the effect he had on her. Armed with a large glass of sangria and her iPod, she decided on a quick nap in the sun before dressing for drinks and dinner afterward. Ah, she was glad she’d packed that white sundress he liked so much. She’d surprise him with nothing underneath. That should take the evening in the best direction possible, perhaps even before they returned to the hotel. With that wicked thought in mind, she settled onto the chaise and let her mind drift in time with the music…

His hands. Oh, she could almost feel his hands caressing her shoulders, his fingertips, rough from years of being toughened by guitar strings, just lightly touching her skin, sliding down to play across the swell of her breasts. He’d tease the edge of the bikini top just a bit before his forefinger slid underneath. “¡Ah, los pezones, mi amor, tan hermoso y difícil…” He untied the strings that held the bits of cloth and tangled his fingers in her long wavy hair, bringing it forward in his hands as he continued to stroke her.

Lowering the back of the chaise, he sat down behind her and pulled her close, settling her between his legs. She lay back against his chest, more relaxed than she’d been in a very long time. She started to speak but he stopped her. “You wanted to improve your Spanish skills on this trip; if you speak now it must be in the language of my country.” Ooh, this could be fun, but might be a bit tricky. She really didn’t know that much Spanish, and definitely not enough to converse with him in this situation. Moaning her frustration at the inability to speak, he laughed and said, “Let me guide you, mi amor, confianza.”

As he moved his hands to her upper thighs, she parted her legs in anticipation. But he merely continued to massage her leg muscles down to her calves. “Los tacones altos, muy sexy…pero muy incómodo para mi amor. Quiero aprovechar el dolor, cariña.” No problem, she’d be stupid to object to this pampering! She could get used to this kind of treatment, very quickly.

 Her breath began to slow as his own quickened. Untying the ribbons on either side of her bikini bottom, he bared her sex. The hot wind caressed her as his hands moved to her center. Raising her knees, she noticed his hardness pressed into her back. Mmm, nice. “Mi querida, deja que te ayude, a relajarse.” His fingers began to move more urgently, and she pressed back against his swollen cock as he spread her legs wide. Sliding his hands under her buttocks, he lifted her gently so that the tip of his cock appeared between her legs. Pressing his cock against her sex as he fingered her aching clit, her arms rose to encircle his neck as she began to writhe. She reached down to rub the tip of his manhood, moaning random words: “si, gracias, haz lo que quieras…”

“Bella, eres tan deseable,” he cried out as he entered her quickly from behind. Moving rhythmically together, urgently touching, caressing. She turned her head to capture his mouth with hers as she began to come. “Estoy temblando de deseo, sintiendo tu pasión.” She felt his cock spasm inside her, his release immediate and intense upon her own. How badly she has needed this, how much she has wanted him inside her! As their movements slow and become less urgent, more sensual again, they snuggle into a warm and close embrace…


She wakes to see him kneeling next to the chaise, tucking a blanket around her. “I did not want you to get chilled, mi bella durmiente.”  She starts to get up. “I was meeting you at the restaurant! I’m so sorry – I fell asleep. What time is it?” With a puzzled look, he helps her stand, wrapping the blanket around her in a hug. “No problem, mi querida, we have plenty of time.”

She laughs at his unending composure and says, “Wait’ll I tell you about the dream I had about you, about us. Muy caliente!” Entwined together, they turn to go inside the room. He bends to pick up her bikini. “I believe you might want this another time.” She turns to him in amazement as she realizes she is completely naked under the blanket. “It – it *was* a dream, wasn’t it?” And he smiles with a devilish look in his eyes as he pulls her close for a very long, very satisfying kiss.