How I love sleeping in on long weekends…snuggling in bed, cuddled up next to you, my breath hot on your neck, my fingers trailing across your tight abs as you pull me closer, sleep overtaking us again… Later I wake in your arms, warm and comfy. Time to get naughty?  I reach down to touch your cock gently to wake you. Mmm, you’re already hard, nice. My mindwheels spin… hmm, how best to take advantage of this opportunity?

Scooting under the covers I kiss my way down your chest to your legs. I slip between them, licking my way up your thighs to suck your balls gently. You stir and I can hear the smile in your groan of “good morning” as you let me taste your sweetness. You must have been having sweet sexy dreams; you’re ready to rock and roll! You start to thrust your hips in rhythmic motion. “Damn, babe – I need to cum now.” Well…no. No, I don’t think so. Not yet.

I slide from under the covers, giving you full view of my bare skin, flushed from the warmth and from my own heat and arousal. Rising up from between your legs I throw back my tangled hair and begin stroking my body, cupping my breasts, pinching my nipples. You reach between my legs to find wetness, my desire for you evident. I moan and press against your hand. “Now who needs to cum?” you laugh, taking pleasure in teasing me. We stare into each other’s eyes for barely a heartbeat, then in one swift motion you’re up, on your knees before me, jerking me to you roughly. Inside me, oh god, taking me the way you know I need it, want it, deserve it. Your guttural voice tells me that it’s your desire as well. “Take my cock in your sweet pussy.”

You grab my legs and pull them around your waist, then I feel your hands gripping my ass. You think you’re in control? Ha! We’ll see about that. I wait until just before you thrust into me again. I push forward, taking you by surprise. Losing your balance you fall backward. I’m ready, sliding down on your rigid cock so hard you grunt. You snap open your eyes and I see the flash I know so well – the challenge in them. “Wanna play rough, eh?” Your body slams back up against mine. I wrap my legs around you again, my heels digging into your ribs. Fucking you fast, driving you into me deeper, my teeth find your shoulder. As I bite down I feel your hot cum begin to spurt inside me. You spasm long and hard. Obviously quite pleased with yourself and the start to the day, you growl “I win.” Oh, really? I smile. We’ll see who the real winner is…