She hears him drive into the garage. Opening the fridge for ice to fix him a drink, she hears him drop his briefcase as comes through the door. Turning her head slightly, she slides an ice cube from her lips down to the base of her throat. From the corner of her eye she sees the dimple in his cheek appear as he walks slowly toward her.

“You know what I would do with an ice cube?” he says. “I’d push your pants down to your knees, take the ice in my hand, and slide it under your panties, rubbing it the length of your little slit, parting your sweet lips, and gliding it along the inside of them, soaking you as it melts, slipping my finger into your pussy as it melts away. You can’t open your legs with your legs stuck, grinding your slick little sex.”

He pushes her forward onto her feet, bending her at the waist against the counter. She hears the belt being undone from behind her, and his voice: “No peeking, sweetheart.” He pulls her panties halfway down her thighs, the distinct sound of a zipper being lowered. Wetness drips down her thighs. “Kitten, open yourself for me…” She feels him move behind her…a moment’s silence, nothing moves, no sound. Then he is inside her, cock thrusting to the hilt in her tight embrace.

He grips her hips and starts to pound into her fast and hard, groaning as he thrusts into her gorgeous pussy, taking her half-dressed and in the living room like a couple of horny teens, pushing deep and holding it there as his cock spasms inside her, pumping that hot sticky cum into her, feeling it spray inside, sliding out of her, rubbing her slit, feeling the mix of cum and juices lubricating her sweet pussy.

Her legs barely hold her up. She turns, sinking to her knees. He moans, “Mmmm, that’s my girl.” She looks up into his eyes, asking “May I clean you up, please?” He replies, “Only with your mouth, no hands.” Her tongue licks her lips, then reaches out for a taste, licking long, tongue running around his twitching cock, so sensitive, the benefits of an uncut cock. Taking the head between her lips gently, tongue exploring the tiny opening, sweetness there. So easy, long, slow licks. Clean it all up. From the base up, then top down to suck his balls, burying her face there, filling her mouth, sucking so gently, moaning at his spicy taste.