He: Driving there, he thinks about how soaked she’ll be and about how he’ll lick her, soaking his tongue in her juices, then sharing it with her.

She: Changing into silk camisole and white cotton panties, she thinks she’ll have time to take a quick nap before he gets there.

Separate goals, differences of opinion? Can they resolve them? Are their plans really that different to begin with? You decide…

He walks in and sees her lying on the couch, head resting on the low arm. Standing over her, he admires her face and body for a minute. She’s just barely awake…feeling his presence intuitively, she keeps her eyes closed but raises one knee, smiling seductively. He returns the smile as he unzips his pants and lowers them, pulling his pirate skull and crossbones boxers down and stands over her, offering his heavy balls to her pretty mouth. She starts to raise up on one elbow, reaching forward…but he stops her. She reclines, a smile playing across her lips, a willing accomplice in whatever game he has planned.

He strokes his cock as her rough little cat-tongue gently licks his tender balls. He strokes faster as he gets hard, eyes running over her from head to toe as she begins to lick more roughly, taking tiny sucks. He loves the feeling of her mouth on him, his cock so hard and ready. She moans, her breath hot as he pulls up her camisole a bit, exposing her soft tummy.

He traces his fingers around the fantastic outline of her mound through her panties, then runs them over the warm damp material between her legs. She sighs deeply, her breath becoming ragged as she feels his balls tighten a bit, his own breath quickening too. He groans as he begins to cum, and she joins him in ecstasy merely from the sensations and sounds of him spraying his warm thick seed over her stomach and panties, and in knowing the pleasure he’s taking from being near her.

He rubs the cum from her stomach into her skin, working his fingers lower. He offers his spent cock to her mouth as his fingers slide into her slit. She smiles, beginning to lick down his shaft as she parts her legs and raises her hips slightly. He starts to slowly fuck her with his middle finger, but finding her ready he quickly begins to pump faster, loving the wet sound of his finger sliding in and out as she suckles his cum covered cock head.

Completely at his mercy, she takes him farther in, sliding his cock across the roof of her mouth, touching the back of her throat. He moans as he slides a second finger into her, working her harder with his strong hand. As he grinds his palm against her clit, she pushes her pussy against his hand, rotating her hips, contracting her throat to pull his cock deeper, moaning. He urges her to cum as she rubs her tongue at the base of his cock, her mouth throbbing, her pussy beginning to explode.

Wetness covers his hand, his cock twitching in her mouth as cum oozes out. She licks it from her lips, her pussy flowing with her sweet juices. “Please, please baby…put your mouth on me…oh god, I’m cumming so hard!” He leans down and covers her sex with his warm mouth, the stubble on his cheeks and chin scraping her as he feeds. “Take all you want, lover,” she moans, writhing under his attentions.

Fingers in his hair she draws his head closer, her hands traveling down the back of his neck, massaging as he sucks her clit, pushing his tongue inside her, his stubble scraping her tender clit. She feels his tongue fucking her, rapturously. She hisses, cumming harder, beginning to thrash as he tugs her labia with his teeth, pulling and stretching it, sucking on her raw clit, feeding on it, candy for his greedy mouth, almost growling in pleasure as he drinks her sweetness.