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How I love sleeping in on long weekends…snuggling in bed, cuddled up next to you, my breath hot on your neck, my fingers trailing across your tight abs as you pull me closer, sleep overtaking us again… Later I wake in your arms, warm and comfy. Time to get naughty?  I reach down to touch your cock gently to wake you. Mmm, you’re already hard, nice. My mindwheels spin… hmm, how best to take advantage of this opportunity? Continue reading


Ice Ice Baby

She hears him drive into the garage. Opening the fridge for ice to fix him a drink, she hears him drop his briefcase as comes through the door. Turning her head slightly, she slides an ice cube from her lips down to the base of her throat. From the corner of her eye she sees the dimple in his cheek appear as he walks slowly toward her.

“You know what I would do with an ice cube?” he says. “I’d push your pants down to your knees, take the ice in my hand, and slide it under your panties, rubbing it the length of your little slit, parting your sweet lips, and gliding it along the inside of them, soaking you as it melts, slipping my finger into your pussy as it melts away. You can’t open your legs with your legs stuck, grinding your slick little sex.” Continue reading

I get into bed slowly, silently, I know the breathing patterns all too well…but this is my secret and it’s going to stay that way, my own time for me alone…and I’m thinking about you, and I’m getting so hot I pull up my t-shirt and start to stroke my breasts, my nipples get hard, I’m horny as hell… Continue reading

Afternoon Nap

He: Driving there, he thinks about how soaked she’ll be and about how he’ll lick her, soaking his tongue in her juices, then sharing it with her.

She: Changing into silk camisole and white cotton panties, she thinks she’ll have time to take a quick nap before he gets there.

Separate goals, differences of opinion? Can they resolve them? Are their plans really that different to begin with? You decide… Continue reading


Suggestion, a powerful beast
Parting words before sleep
Imagery from descriptions
His words spin together
Fleeting, invading her dreams
Painting pictures of passion
Like flashes from a camera
Moon’s silverlust coats his body
Reflecting desire in his eyes