I arrived at his office just as the rest of the staff streamed from the front doors in a mass exodus. Well, it was Friday night after all. He was expecting me to give him a lift since his car was being repaired, but he wasn’t expecting to get *that* kind of lift… 

As the last person came through the doors I slipped in and made my way up the stairs, noticing how quiet and deserted it was throughout the building, my mindwheels spinning with an idea I’d had for a while. His office door was ajar, and I could see him sitting at his desk absorbed in some boring technical document. Yuck. I was hoping he was ready for something a little more, um – interactive.

“Hey you!  Bout ready to call it a week?” I was hoping he wasn’t going to say he needed to finish up a lot of work, because I had a plan – a wicked, devilish scheme that I’d been working on for a while. Still keeping my eyes on him across the room, I closed the door behind me and turned the lock as I did, behind my back. He didn’t notice.

He glanced up briefly in surprise. “Katie! Is it 5 o’clock already?”

“Oh yeah,” I said, “and it’s time to blow this popsicle stand…although I can think of better things to blow.”

He looked up then, really looked up, and was just in time to see me throw off my coat. My transparent blouse was tucked neatly into my very, very short skirt, under which my stockings were held up with a just-barely-there garter belt. “I’ve decided it’s well past time to christen your new office.” I moved quickly around his desk as he turned his leather chair to the side. I leaned over him and started kissing him deeply, running my hands over his chest, removing his tie, unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it off.

His skin was cool from the air conditioning on overdrive as usual. I pressed my hot breasts against his chest, taking small bites of his neck, rubbing his shoulders. I whispered “I want you so…I want to give you pleasure.” I pushed him back in the chair after removing his belt and unzipping his pants to find my treasure. The shock evident on his face turned to lust, and his eyes darkened immediately with desire.

I knelt at his side, touching him so lightly, just barely. He was already so hard for me. I kissed just the tip of his cock, my soft hands rubbing gently. Ah yes, with more licks and sucks up and down his hard shaft, so sweet, the precum wet my lips and I tasted heaven in my hot mouth. Oh my god, how I wanted him at that moment.

The tip of his cock slid between my lips and against my tongue as it curled around him. I sucked him deeper as my hands caressed his shaft. My hands started to tingle as I felt him respond. His familiar moans began and he asked me to suck harder, take him deeper. I replied by standing, eyes locked on his.

I unbuttoned my blouse and let him see the sheer lace of my bra, then raised my skirt to unveil my naked wet pussy. I came closer and climbed on top of him in the chair, my legs thrown over the arms. I mounted him quickly, sliding my hot cunt down his erect cock, all the way fast. Still in shock and lust, his hands grabbed my ass hard. I opened the front clasp of my bra and brought my nipples to his lips. His sucking me made my pussy wetter, sending shocks through me. I began to grind my pussy down hard on his cock, my clit rubbing the base. His hands gripped my ass as he fucked me hard, fast, deep.

So sudden. So good. Just as I’d hoped it would be. We were like animals, tearing at each other’s skin, wanting more, taking our pleasure as we gave in to our desires. We fucked, hard, noisily. I growled, “You know I want this, baby – want you to fuck me, want to fuck you. I need you, need to feed your release in me. Give it to me now!”

His eyes snapped open. “Yes, baby! I’m already there. Cum with me now.”  I laughed. “In a big hurry too, are you? Alright then, give it all to me, lover! Fill my pussy with your cum. Make me scream your name, beg for more.” Oh yes, I’m gonna get more. No question about that. He has no idea.

Yes, so it’s quick the first time. That’s fine. We have all night. The Security Officer engaged the building lock-down timer when he left after my “encounter” with him in the stairwell. Ain’t nobody leaving this building until 6:00 a.m. on Saturday.

Oh, the Security Officer? Ah, but that’s another chapter. And the rest of the night, locked in with my lover? Well, you’ll just have to wait for more then, won’t you?  And I’m quite sure you do…want more, that is…