The only thing sexier than a man’s clean white shirt is one he was wearing while getting teased by his woman, his scent all over it.

Then after she’s stripped the sweaty white shirt from his body and teases him just to the point of release, she puts his shirt on and starts stroking her hot body, giving him peeks of her naked flesh, bending over showing him her ass, rubbing her nipples with the soft cloth that’s been against his body, cupping her breasts, then raising the bottom just a bit, showing him her pussy, wet with her dew.

She loves teasing him with just enough of the view to get him hard as a rock, then pushes him to the bed and climbs on top, pinning him down, taking her pleasure with her own hands then his.  She begins rubbing her clit roughly with the tip of his cock, the shirt clinging to her sweat-soaked body, nipples poking against the cloth.  Hard and needy she rubs them with his hands, and throwing back her head she bucks with the delicious anticipation of fucking him.

Instead she moves so that her dripping pussy is positioned directly above his face. She tells him to eat her…lapping at her sweet creaminess he licks and sucks, making her moan and beg for his tongue to enter her. His hands are locked around her thighs and his thumb finds her clit hard and throbbing. Rubbing, teasing, he asks what she desires. “Fuck me, my love,” she growls.

He grabs her hips and pushes her body down the length of his to his cock, hard and ready. He shoves her onto it, filling her. She pushes down hard, looking into his eyes, wanton pleasure coming off her in waves as she hypnotizes him with her lust. His hands grab her ass, fingers gripping as she begins to ride him hard, his cock deep up inside her. “I’m taking you now,” she says, “taking you with me to a place only few have gone.”

He groans his assent, knowing that if he protests it will fall on deaf ears. “I need to cum, need to feel yours, need to feel it inside me,” she cries. “Yes!” she screams as she feels him strain and release inside her, hard and throbbing, thrusting deep, they cum together, tearing at each other like animals.

They writhe together for long moments, slowing, savoring each other’s pleasure as their own. As they slow, she leans down to him and wraps his shirt around them both in a cocoon of warmth and pleasure. They sleep, to wake to each other’s desire again.