I dream of pleasuring you. For hours. Tantalizing you with my hands and mouth. Massaging you with warm oils after a tiring day at work.  Slowly becoming accustomed to your body and to what you respond most. I crave touching you, feeling your skin. Exploring your body and getting to know it. Touching every inch of you, kissing and stroking …

I continue to touch and caress you slowly. This is for you alone, giving you the attention you deserve and, I suspect, have been denied for a while. No, I won’t bind your wrists  with the silken ropes I’ve brought to your bed because I want your hands free, but I will tie you if necessary to get what I want.

Looking deeply into the depths of your eyes, I feel your breathing slow. Good, that’s just right. This is going to be very intense for you. And for me as well. I coax you to fall deep into my eyes, almost hypnotizing you with my desire. Go with me now toward pleasure, darlin’.

Your desire is evident now, hard and demanding. I want to give you a taste of what’s to come; actually it is I wanting the taste. Of you. I slowly slide my tongue down the length of your shaft, tasting and nibbling. So good, my tongue taking small rough licks, like the cat that I am. I want to drink of you, but that will be later. Much later.

Back up against your chest, my hands move to your shoulders. So tense. You’ve needed this for so long. Relax, baby. I’m gonna take care of you. I massage and kiss your muscles, rubbing my breasts on you at the same time. I reach for your hand and clasp it tightly with mine before beginning to lick your palm. Each finger will get the same attention your cock will later, with almost the same result.  Want more?

Oh, darlin’ – so do I. Want more, that is. I kiss and caress every inch of your chest. I press my heart against yours so they beat in sync. We are of one heart, one mind, at this moment.

I move down lower to take you in my mouth briefly. But I stop. Soon, but not yet. I kiss and lick up and down your cock and feel it twitch and shudder. My tongue moves around the tip in little circles. My hands lightly touching you at first, they get more aggressive when I sense you’re ready.
You ask me to take you in my mouth, to beg for your release. Hours go by. More of the same. Repeat. Repeat. Finally when neither of us think you can take it any more, I begin to suck your cock not just harder, but with more intensity and desire than even I knew I had. I want you so badly. I feel your release begin – no! I want to stop you but know how good you’ve been to indulge me this and I want to take you over the edge. I feel it start to build and know I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. Which of course I don’t.

You’re close now. Oh so very close. Your cum rises up; I feel it since you’re so deep in my throat. I pull back just a bit so I can taste you in my mouth. I’ll carry your taste with me for days, maybe weeks. You begin to cum. There’s so much it runs down my chin and neck to my breasts. I give you permission to massage it into them.

Your release is incredible. Taste like nothing else. Sweet and spicy at the same time. I take it all down my throat, savoring your pleasure. And from your pleasure, I get mine. I begin to cum.

Waves of passion fill our bodies. Holding each other tightly we kiss and lick, taking more pleasure together. We slowly come down from the peak. I hold you in my arms, cradling your head against my heaving breasts.

Spent, it’s time to rest. I’ll be right beside you when you’re ready for more. And I know you will be. Both of us will be.