As you walk up to the counter, you notice how busy the library is during the fall semester. You see me near one of the sorting carts and approach, a sly look on your face. “Excuse me, could you point me in the right direction…I’m looking for reference materials on SOA systems as applied to the automotive industry,” you say somewhat loudly for all to hear, before leaning in to whisper in my ear, “I haven’t stopped thinking about you since you left this morning…” I look at my watch and tell you that it’s almost my lunchtime and more loudly that, “I’d be happy to show you, sir.”

“I’m in a bit of a rush for an article I’m writing, but certainly wouldn’t want to impose on your time.”

“I could take you to that collection area now, as a matter of fact,” I respond with a wink and a smile, the tip of my tongue barely between my teeth. “Those materials are currently on closed reserve status.”

As I walk away from the cart, you can’t help but stare at my ass as it gently moves back and forth with every step. You’re mesmerized, so much so that you almost don’t notice the growing bulge in your pants. You haven’t stopped thinking about my matching black lace lingerie and stockings since I left you this morning and each second brings you closer to seeing it again.

“Here we are, in the closed reserves. I’m so glad you could visit the library today. Please tell me more about what you’re looking for.”  Closing the door, I turn quickly to you. “I thought lunchtime would never get here. I’ve done nothing but think of your hands and lips and . . .”

You grab me and pull me tight, our bodies pressed against each other. You kiss me deeply, your left arm pulling me close and your right arm cradling the back of my head, your tongue dancing over my own lips and tongue. Your cock is hard, straining against your pants pressed against my thigh. You can feel my nipples pressing through my blouse against your chest.

You lift me up onto the conference table and push my skirt up, while I quickly unbutton my blouse, my breasts straining against the lace.  “Please touch me. I crave it so much.”

Your lips kiss down my neck and you help me out of my blouse. Your hands instantly gravitate to my naked flesh, groping with wanton lust…slowly ever so slightly tracing your fingers around the lace outline of my bra, savoring the delicate fabric between your fingers for a moment before reaching for the clasp. As it snaps open and the bra falls around my waist, your lips are drawn to my breasts…kissing and licking, pulling my nipples between your lips, gently nibbling.

I reach to unzip your pants and release your straining cock into my waiting hands. Oh you’re so hard. I need you inside me, feeling you there . . .

You reach between my legs…my panties are soaked, my lust evident. With your cock hard and free you don’t even bother to pull them off, just push them to side and guide your cock easily into my slippery wet pussy. We both inhale sharply that very moment, before giving into each other completely. You lift me up slightly, your cock sliding deep inside…right to the base.

I grip your shoulders hard, pulling you to me in a passionate embrace.  “I want you so badly, I can’t get enough of you.  I think of you all the time now.”  I can hear people all around us, out in the hallway, glad I locked the door behind us.  The danger mounts when I remember others on staff also have keys.  It doesn’t matter, fucking you has become the most important thing in my world.  I want to show you how much you mean to me.” You are so hot, and feel so good against me.”  The sounds we’re making must be heard outside but I don’t care.  Let them be jealous I have this!

You lift your shirt up over your head…needing your bare skin pressed against mine. Thrusting harder now…faster.  Your cock is soaked with the sweet juices of my pussy. You too hear the others passing by outside the door and despite your best efforts cannot control the sounds of lust emanating from your throat…the grunts, the moans, the heavy breathing. Nothing is more important to you this instant than your connection with me…fucking me…having me.

Moving against you feels incredible.  I feel your cock swelling inside me as I try to pull you even closer.  Skin-on-skin, slippery now, panting, thrusting, couldn’t stop now even if the library exploded.  Nothing is more important than giving you this pleasure that you so need and so deserve after giving me that sexy bath this morning.  And I feel my own climax starting to build . . .

Your cock swells, throbbing…ready to explode. You feel my pussy grab your cock, on the verge of my own climax. We fuck…hot…sweaty…animalistic…we fuck. And as you are about to cum you grab me around the small of my back and pull me as close as possible…your cock deep as it strains then releases spurts of hot cum inside me. Almost simultaneously you feel my body start to shudder…

We collapse in a heap on the conference table, sweaty and breathing heavy, stealing kisses from each other. Our bodies are rocked by wave after wave of pleasure. As we regain our senses we help each other with our clothes, pausing to kiss each other’s bare exposed skin before covering it up. My panties are soaked with your cum and mine. You slowly peel them off my legs and slide my skirt down. “I want you to go without these all afternoon…we’ll take advantage of that situation when you come home,” you say with a wink and a devilish smile as you tuck them into your pocket. As we straighten our clothes so that we look presentable I rush over and grab a book. I hand it to you as we exit the room. “Power Systems and SOA Synergy”… I believe you found what you were looking for?”